Ambergris Ketone

Shelf Life (Months):24
Storage Conditions:Store in cool and dry area and keep containers closed
Package:200kg epoxy-phenolic-resin lined steel drum or 950kg IBC drum
Issue Date:Aug. 1, 2019
Version Number:01

Product Specification
ItemsStandardsTest Methods
Color & AppearanceColourless to pale yellow liquidVisual Test
OdorWoody and ambergrisGB/T 14454.2-2008
GC Analysis (%)≥90.0GB/T 11538-2006
Refractive Index (n20/D)1.497~1.502GB/T 14454.4-2008
Relative Density (20/20℃)0.960~0.968GB/T 14454.4-2008
Relative Density (25/25℃)0.997~1.008GB/T 11540-2008
Acid Value (mg KOH/g)0~1.0GB/T 14455.5-2008
Color L, Lab, 10mm cell96~102 
Color a, Lab, 10mm cell-5~0 
Color b, Lab, 10mm cell0~9